Don Ca Tai Tu

Don ca tai tu, a traditional improvisational chamber music was emerged in the south at the end of the 19th century. Coming to life no more than two centuries ago and becoming much loved by southerners of Vietnam, “Don ca tai tu” is deeply rooted in the culture and spirits of locals and considered a […]

Ca Tru Singing

Ca Tru Singing – an original art performance of academic character – has been preserved for the past 10 centuries.To appreciate Ca Trù is to appreciate poetry and music. Ca Trù appeared officially under Nhà Hậu Lý (11th century). First, it served royal and religious rituals and was called Hát Khuôn. Later, it was used […]

Vietnamese Architecture

Before the 10th century, villages and hamlets appeared in this period according to several tales of Linh Nam. The ancient Vietnamese used wood to build houses to protect themselves from tigers and wolves. Two kinds of houses were depicted on the bronze drums; one in the shape of a boat and the other in a […]

Ao Dai

The ao dai is the traditional dress for women in Vietnam. Developed from Chinese court clothing in the 1930s, this style of clothing went out of fashion in the north in 1954 and in the south in 1975. Recently, however, it has made a comeback and is regaining popularity in the south among schoolgirls and […]

Vietnam Water Puppetry

Vietnam water puppetry originated in the northern Vietnam Delta during the Ly Dynasty (1010-1225). Chronologically speaking, it is considered an ancient art form which is on the brink of extinction. Today, water puppetry is preserved by a few artists who are passionate about Vietnam’s traditional art, some of whom have decided to bring water puppetry […]

Vietnamese Traditional Medicine

Although the government intends to develop an identifiable Vietnamese Medical Science, traditional medicine has existed for generations. There are three medical traditions which have coexisted in Vietnam prior to the impact of Western Medicine: these are Thuoc Bac (Northern Medicine), Thuoc Nam (Southern Medicine), and Thuoc Tay (Western Medicine). With Thuoc Bac or Northern Medicine […]