Pre Wedding Customs of the Co Tu

Pre Wedding Customs of the Co Tu in Quang Nam province, central Vietnam. The Cotu in Quang Nam province have preserved a unique pre-marriage custom, which highlights the significance of the pure love between a man and a woman. Elderly people in Dong Giang and Tay Giang districts of Quang Nam province say previously only […]

Traditional Costumes of the Brau

The traditional costumes of the Brau are handmade and sophisticated. Previously their clothes were simply for protecting human bodies and agricultural production. They weaved clothes from the barks of trees. The bark was smashed, squeezed and boiled before being used for weaving. Traditionally, a Brau man wore a loin-cloth without a shirt on. A woman […]

Ba Na Musical Instruments

Klong Put, the hand-made musical instrument has unique shapes and sounds which distinguish Bana music from the music of other Vietnamese ethnic groups. Living close to nature, the Bana have made many musical instruments from available materials like stone, wood, bamboo, rattan, leaves and dried gourds. Hundreds of years ago the Bana created diverse kinds […]

Khen Panpine of Thai People in Son La

The khen panpipe of the Thai people is played at Thai community events, festivals, competitions and performances. The panpipe is a popular musical instrument created by the Thai ethnic minority people in Yen Chau, Son La. Together with the gong, the Tinh musical instrument, flute and strings, the panpipe remains popular among the Thai. To […]