Sapa Pha Long Market Day Tour

The Pha Long market is open on Saturday morning. Join our Pha Long market day tour to visit breathtaking landscapes of the mountainous region


The Pha Long market is the alternative option to the Can Cau market, is open on Saturday morning. Join our Pha Long market day tour to visit breathtaking landscapes of the mountainous region along the border line of Muong Khuong District, Lao Cai Province and the Chay River Massif.



Located only 3 km from the Chinese border, 72km north-northeast of Lao Cai City, Pha Long is one of the remotest communes of Lao Cai province. There have been a few visitors to come to the region so far because of the strict security control in the border region as consequence of the conflict between the two countries in from 1979 to 1989. Security permission is needed to arrange before arrival. However it is sure that Pha Long Market is among the most interesting tribal market in the northern mountainous region owning to the breathtaking landscapes of the surrounding diversity of the local tribal peoples.

Depart from Sapa early in the morning at about 07.30 am for an hour road transfer downhill to Lao Cai city. Continue the road trip 55 km along national road 4C to Muong Khuong Town let, through the lush farm land of Lao Cai, featured with terraced rice fields on the lower valleys and evergreen tea farms on the higher hilly land. Then turn left to follow provincial road 153 for 17 km along the border line to Pha Long Market which takes place every Saturday. Arrive at the market place at about 09.30 am, right at the crowded hours. Spend about 2 hours joining local tribal peoples such as Flowery Hmong, Blue Hmong, Black Zao, Tay, Nung, Pa Zi and Tu Zi…who where their best traditional costumes which are colorful to the market. Shopping, of course but more important than that is socializing.

Leaving the market place for paying visit to a village of the Pa Zi and Tu Zi which is beautifully set on mountainsides near the road before arriving to Muong Khuong town let where lunch is served in a local restaurant.

Afternoon road trips takes about 2 hours along the provincial road which sneaks up and down mountains and valleys. Enjoy several stops along the way for beautiful landscapes of Lung Khau Nhin and Cao Son Communes.

Transfer 46 km back to Lao Cai City.

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