Hue 1 Day Tour to Sinh Village

Hue 1 Day Tour takes you to Thanh Tien and Sinh villages, located by the riverside. This is considered the rural area of Hue city.


Hue 1 Day Tour takes you to Thanh Tien and Sinh villages, located by the riverside. This is considered the rural area of Hue city. Hundreds of years ago, most of the villagers earned their money by producing folk paintings and paper flowers that are used mainly for worship. These local products expressed the mystical, nature-based beliefs of the ancient Vietnamese. Nowadays, these items not only reflect the spiritual life through domestic animals, folk game of wrestling, but also becoming souvenirs for home-decoration. The materials originated from older generations and are passed down by their ancestors to today’s generation. However, these handicrafts are being lost due to the burden of economic development because of the modest income they make with most locals now seeking other sources of income.



Our guide will meet you at your hotel and bring you to the boat landing either by car or by foot depending on the location of your hotel. Enjoy a gentle cruise downstream to the Sinh Handicraft Village.

During your cruise, you will drift by the Dong Ba Market located by the Hen islet.

You will continue to travel downstream through the commune of Bao Vinh, an old town that is threatened by the urbanization and modern concrete houses. Before we reach the Sinh Village by bicycle, we pay a visit to Thanh Tien which is a neighboring village. This village is well known for its handicraft of paper flowers, especially the lotus flower, Vietnam’s national flower.

Afterwards, we will continue by bike and travel off the beaten path to some rice paddy fields and pastures. Here you will get to witness locals as they go about doing their daily activities such as wet rice cultivation, and flower gardening.

After our trek through the countryside, we will continue riding to Sinh Village to visit Ky Huu Phuoc’s, the most skillful artisan in the village. Here you will have a chance to witness him as he draws paintings by folk brush and materials You can even try some lines of drawing. Purchasing traditional handicrafts is a valued and great contribution to the economy of these communities and is greatly appreciated.

Afterwards, you will be brought back to Hue city by car.

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