Dr. Simone Bacellar
"I want to make a very strong recommendation about the guide, Chung. He is an exceptional guide, one of the best guides I’ve ever had, around all world. I am sure that he is part responsible for me enjoying and loving so much Vietnam. He is great!

I also want to recommend Mr. Michael. It was because of his professinal way of answering all my mails that I decided to book Lotussia and come to Vietnam. He is very serious and made me feel very safe."

Dr. Simone Bacellar, Traveler
"I had a wonderful time during my short trip. thank you very much for the nice itinerary. My best regards to Sinh and everyone else at Lotussia. Looking forward to travelling with you once again."
Nilanjana, Traveler
Kattie Loftis and family
"Hi, Sinh.

This is Kattie Loftis. You may not remember my name, so I included a picture of our family to help you remember who we are. You took us on a tour of Tam Coc and Hoa Lu about 2 months ago. It was Mike, me (Kattie), and our four kids: Daniel, Annalise, Mary Kate, and Elijah.

We SO much enjoyed the tour you gave us, and often think of all the things we saw and learned that day, like the grandmas who have black teeth, and chew (and spit) the bitternut stuff! And the flying coffins (buses)! Honestly, I still see pictures in my mind of all the workers in the beautiful rice patties, the misty air, beautiful mountains with caves, banana trees, the small simple homes, hard working people, and more. Everything in Vietnam is so different than where we live, and I love to think about our time there.

But the BEST thing in Vietnam, the very BEST part about the whole country was the wonderful people. You all are just the sweetest, most amazing people ever! There were a few people we got to spend some time with that I wanted to keep in touch with, and you are one of them! We just loved you! And I could not believe how you took care of our children as if they were yours. Truly you were a treasure to us. So, I wanted to email a couple of pictures I took that day that had you and the kids in the pictures. The pictures are below the email. They are some of my favorites.

Anyway, we would love to hear from you if you have a chance to email us. I wondered if you have a computer at home, or if you email from another place? We often think of you at your evening time, which is early in the morning here. I wondered what you do in the evenings, if you go to those little eating places where the men hang out with friends, or if you went home, or were still working late! We hope you are doing well. Email anytime!”


Kattie Loftis and family, YYY
Helen & Giora
"Dear Sinh,

We arrived home yesterday morning to an absolute heatwave. We want to thank you once again for your wonderful time. You were such a fabulous guide- in fact, you were our best!

Giora is going to email some photos of us during the week. We have looked at the photos and we remembered practically all the information that you have imparted. We hope that you will keep in touch and good luck for the future. I am going to send you a small gift this week so you will remember us.

Best wishes and thank you for your hospitality."

Helen & Giora, Travelers
Nanci Gomezen
"My wife and I have just arrived home today after a fantastic 3 weeks touring Vietnam and Cambodia. Our entire trip was organized directly, using the internet and the services of several different tour, transport and accommodation providers. I must say that the service you provided us was outstanding. First of all we chose you because you provided the fastest and most comprehensive response by email to our initial enquiry. Keep this up! As more and more travelers come online you will profit by paying attention to customers like us.

You arranged our visas and also a top quality boat trip in Halong Bay. Our guide, Than, provided excellent service and without any fuss was able to arrange a small change to our itinerary at the last minute to suit our needs. I would most certainly not hesitate to recommend your company to our friends and colleagues.

With warmest regards"

Nanci Gomezen, Traveler
"I wanted to take a moment and thank you for arranging such a marvelous trip for me. Your patience was remarkable but even more extraordinary were the staff you offered. Both guides were outstanding and provided the depth of information and detail that moves a vacation from the ordinary to the extraordinary. They had a very good command of English, a solid knowledge of the history and culture of the region, and – most importantly, a sense of humor.

I have three friends who are contemplating visiting you country within the next year and will solidly recommend your firm to them. My only hope is that I’ll be able to return in the near future.

Thank you again for your help."

Steven, Traveler

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