"Hi Ngoc it’s Pete!!

I am in La now waiting for next flight.

I had a blast and my life has been changed by this trip.

You are one great guy dude and I will be back for the North trip.

Give your daughter a big hug for me and tell your wife and family hello. I am an American “worker” and am proud of it.

Where Vietnam is going can only be good because the vibration is about love, respect, and cooperation.

I am glad you met me. There are nice Americans and there are those a little to comfortable and not respectful of workers and people in general. I read a book on Ho Chi Mein and it was interesting. I feel your country may be a real symbol of the future for the world. America has some cool stuff too but it is struggling with many things and I really want peace in the world so much where we can all be diplomatic and solve problems without war. The Vietnamese people are truely a symbol of peace, love and forgiveness and you demonstrate these qualities in your life. I don’t want to put you on a pedestal I know you are human and have your faults but man you got a great thing going on man!! I think Nick is the man who will help you the best with website. I think his heart is in the same place. I was a bit disappointed in my other friends attitudes at times but I didn’t let it get to me. You put up with alot of BS from fat and happy Americans and other countries.

Anyway I am going to continue to write to Na and maybe help her a little to better her life. No strings attatched a friendship that maybe can go somewhere in time.


Peter, USA
Nick Wreeden
"This is my recent ride down to the Ho Chi Minh trail, an 11 days ride with a group of 4 American friends,a dream trip.

I hope you’ve read the daily summaries and looked at some of the amazing pictures. I also shot a lot of video, and will hopefully boil that down into a coherent video in the next several months. But several weeks after the trip here are some impressions and thoughts about the experience.

Vietnam has unlimited tourist potential. The landscape is infinitely varied, from jagged limestone mountains to rolling hills to the flatness of endless rice paddies. The coastline consists of white sandy beaches, warm waters and great mountaintop views. The food was also wonderful — filling, tasty, and without the greasiness common in a lot of countries.

And most of all, the people are warm and friendly. Every American goes to Vietnam with a certain wariness in the back of his mind, but the smiles are genuine and the hearts are welcoming. They were just fun to be with. Service was good too.

If you are considering a getaway, Vietnam should definitely be on the list."

Nick Wreeden, USA
Mark Cossettini

I’d just like to take this time to extend my thanks and gratitude for all of the hard work you put into organising such a memorable, enjoyable trip. The variety of locations and activities my partner and I saw on this holiday, combined with the exceptional service, have made Vietnam one of our favourite holiday destinations. In particular, the way in which each of the daily activities flowed into one another – from location to location and person to person – was exceptional, and made the entire experience extremely easy and stress-free.

Since returning home, I have been showing many of my friends and family the photos from our trip, and I have highly recommended yourself and Lotussia, so I hope you will be able to show them a great time also. One of my working colleagues, Theresa Pham, is looking to visit Vietnam in the coming months, and I have passed her your contact details, as well as a copy of our travel itinerary.

Thank you once again for your help in organising the perfect holiday. When I return to Vietnam in the future, I’ll be sure to organise my travels through you again."

Mark Cossettini, Traveler
Scott ReyNolds
"We made it home safe and sound. Thank you for putting up with us once again. We are kind of a crazy bunch, and “old” Uncle Dan can be a handful at times.

You have a very nice wife and child, it was great to meet them and have dinner.

I could see us coming back and ride down to Cambodia and around for our next one. Let me know when the best time of year for that area would be. We like it “hot” as you know. Maybe we could help you out with some bikes at that time.

Thanks, and take care of your cute Daughter."

Scott ReyNolds, USA

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