Philip and Paul
"We are Philip and Paul from England and we took a 6 day tour with Knock in October 2010. We are currently taking a year to travel around the world and we decided that the best way to see Vietnam was on a motorbike, and as we only had a limited time in Vietnam before moving on we only gave ourselves a few days to organise a tour. We were so lucky that Knock was available a couple of days after we made our initial request as he turned out to be a really great guide. He speaks really good English (and French), he has the perfect temperament for a guide and he is also a very good rider.

Within the two days Knock had everything arranged and we got underway. We took the North West loop from Hanoi to Sapa and back which included 2 nights homestay and 3 nights hotel all of which were clean and comfortable. As to the food, we let Knock do the ordering and we were never disappointed, although I’m still not too keen on fried crickets!

A point to mention is that Paul had never ridden a motorbike before so was naturally apprehensive about the tour. However, we met with Knock a couple of days before the tour and he did a great job to alleviate the apprehension and he let Paul have a motorbike the following day to get used to it before we started. By the end of the experience Paul was even confidently able to ride through Hanoi!

Although we weren’t always lucky with the weather over the 6 days it didn’t take anything away from the overall experience as it really was about the journey. We did see some beautiful scenery and we rode on some really nice mountain roads and saw places that so many tourists just wouldn’t normally get to see. We also had a mechanic with us at all times so any issues with bikes were dealt with immediate and we didn’t lose any time.

In summary; this was a terrific journey, well organised and we believe the best way to see Vietnam. We can’t thank Knock enough for making this such a great experience."

Philip and Paul, UK
Louis Copey
"Salut Ngoc,

on tenait tous à te remercier une nouvelle fois. Nous avons fait un magnifique voyage et en grand partie grâce à toi.

Fini les anguilles, on s’est remis à la nourriture française, et on prends le métro, fini la moto!

Tout ça pour te dire que la vie au Vietnam nous manque. On te commande pas un nouveau voyage mais ça ne va pas tarder.

Maud et Maman seront bientôt prêtes à faire de la moto-cross dans le Nord!

Seul petit bémol, le guide à Saigon,bien que très gentil, ne parlait vraiment pas bien français. On ne comprenait quasiment rien de ce qu’il disait.

On a donc moins profité de Saigon et du delta du Mekong.

On a pu ainsi expérimenter le tour classique, et c’est définitivement moins bien que de bourlinguer sur une moto.

Je te souhaite, au nom de toute la famille, une bonne continuation,

A bientôt, pourquoi pas à Paris?"

Louis Copey, Tour Leader
Olivier LOUISE
"Ngoc, Je m’assoie a ma ferme eta mes 2 garcons pour te remercier du fond de mon coeur. Plus qu’un guide, tu as ete un ”eclaireur pendant ce voyage. A ta facon tu nous as eclaire sur l’histoire,les peuples, la culture,la religions de ton beau pays, ton etat d’esprit positif et ton professsionalisme sont remarquables.Si le Dieu le veut un jour nous roulerons peut-etreensemble en moto !.Moi ca me plait.

Bonne chance et bonne route."

Olivier LOUISE, France

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