Ha Giang

Ha Giang is a province in the Northeast region of Vietnam. Ha Giang province is located in the far north of the country, and contains Vietnam’s northernmost point. The province shares a 270 km long border with Yunnan province of southern China, and thus is known as Vietnam’s final frontier. The province covers an area of 7,945.8 square kilometres and as of 2008 it had a population of 705,100 people.

The provincial capital, also called Ha Giang, is connected by Highway 2 and is 320 km away from Hanoi. The border crossing is at Thanh Thuy, 25 km from the capital, Ha Giang city. It is one of the poorest provinces of Vietnam as it has mountainous topography with the least potential for agricultural development.

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  • Location : Ha Giang, Vietnam
  • Submitted On : 17 Dec 2016

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