We SO much enjoyed the tour you gave us

"Hi, Sinh. 

This is Kattie Loftis.  You may not remember my name, so I included a picture of our family to help you remember who we are.  You took us on a tour of Tam Coc and Hoa Lu about 2 months ago.  It was Mike, me (Kattie), and our four kids:  Daniel, Annalise, Mary Kate, and Elijah.

We SO much enjoyed the tour you gave us, and often think of all the things we saw and learned that day, like the grandmas who have black teeth, and chew (and spit) the bitternut stuff!  And the flying coffins (buses)!  Honestly, I still see pictures in my mind of all the workers in the beautiful rice patties, the misty air, beautiful mountains with caves, banana trees, the small simple homes, hard working people, and more.  Everything in Vietnam is so different than where we live, and I love to think about our time there.

But the BEST thing in Vietnam, the very BEST part about the whole country was the wonderful people. You all are just the sweetest, most amazing people ever!  There were a few people we got to spend some time with that I wanted to keep in touch with, and you are one of them!  We just loved you!  And I could not believe how you took care of our children as if they were yours.  Truly you were a treasure to us.  So, I wanted to email a couple of pictures I took that day that had you and the kids in the pictures.  The pictures are below the email.  They are some of my favorites.

Anyway, we would love to hear from you if you have a chance to email us.   I wondered if you have a computer at home, or if you email from another place?  We often think of you at your evening time, which is early in the morning here.  I wondered what you do in the evenings, if you go to those little eating places where the men hang out with friends, or if you went home, or were still working late!  We hope you are doing well.  Email anytime!"

Kattie Loftis and family