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Formerly one of three French Indo-Chinese states, Laos is slowly becoming a tourist hotspot. With the new and well-equipped Luang Prabang airport now catering to direct flight from Chiang Mai in Thailand this recent trend can only continue. While still not as developed as some of its Asian neighbors there has been a slow but steady build up of tourist related facilities and infrastructure. There are now enough amenities to make travelling to Laos accessible for non-adventure types but equally huge swathes of the country are untouched and visited by relatively few more »
Laos Package Tours
Lotussia Travel started its activity in Vietnam and is known now as an adventure tour operator offering active holidays such as trekking, hiking, kayaking, cycling tours in the region. Beside their traditional travel products therefore, the company work closely with Laos based travel service providers in order to bring together to the travelers the best local life experiences…read more »
Laos Cruises
Laos is not located by the sea like Vietnam and Cambodia, but with an important number of river across the country, a wide range of cruises packages can be organized by Lotussia Travel and the team is very pleased to bring these out here…read more »
Laos Hotels
Tourist accommodation is somewhat sparse in Laos, in the major cities such as Vientiane, Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng there is good hotels available. Elsewhere there hotel’s choices may be more limited, there are generally a modest selection of village hostels, budget hotels and guesthouses…read more »
Laos Resorts
Laos does not have as much resorts as Vietnam or Cambodia. If you want to have a leisure journey in luxury resort in Laos, the arrangement should be done in advance, especially in the peak seasons… read more »
Laos Transports
Regarding land transportation, Lotussia Travel provides car rental including transfer from the airport to guest’s hotel in city center, car rental for day or short excursion… read more »